Our Affiliations

We are pleased to be associated with and support organisations that positively contribute to the sectors which we serve.

Our Affiliations

We are pleased to be associated with and support organisations that positively contribute to the sectors which we serve.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes is proud to leverage its experience and extensive contact base in the Construction, Infrastructure, Energy and Technology sectors to work with Impulse Labs, an incubator developed for promising digital startups around key themes highlighted by their corporate Partners in these sectors. Impulse Labs have five sites in France and one now in London within which they support over 200 startups which have the potential the revolutionise these sectors.

Support for the startups includes providing space and more importantly a highly effective ecosystem for advice, mentoring, access to capital and connecting them with industry leaders and decision makers to speed up their development.

Corporate Partners of Impulse Labs comprise a number of Europe’s best known businesses including VINCI, LafargeHolcim, Total, Renault, Saint-Gobain, Ivanhoe Cambridge, BNP Paribas Real Estate and Bouygues Construction amongst others.


Current Accelerators are:

  • Construction & Energy
  • Social Housing
  • Digital Construction
  • Real Estate Wellbeing
  • Plant 4.0
  • Disruptive Real Estate
  • Infrastructure & Transport

The most recently opened site in Greenwich, London is focused initially on Construction, Real Estate and the Smart City and on disrupting the way we design, construct and maintain the built environment.

More information can be found at Impulse Labs and on the London operation at Impulse London

Through the longstanding membership of some of our Partners, Grosvenor Clive & Stokes has a close relationship with acumen7, a network of over 25 highly experienced senior executives and independent consultants with backgrounds in the Construction, Infrastructure, Transport, Energy and Engineering sectors. Our active participation in the network provides Grosvenor Clive & Stokes with deep insight into the key issues emerging in our sectors and access to specialist skills to assess and validate technical criteria, where appropriate, in our search projects.

The acumen7 network comes together to offer its skills and experience to help businesses and other organisations solve the challenges of development and change. The purpose of acumen7 is to share and debate ideas; to develop leading-edge thinking; to innovate, and to explore and develop joint business opportunities.

Through our active participation in the network, Grosvenor Clive & Stokes further develops its understanding of the issues facing its core markets and plays an active part in supporting the development of early-stage businesses or those in transition.


For Grosvenor Clive & Stokes, membership is a real differentiator and benefits the search work we undertake for our clients by:

  • Providing access to the collective knowledge and experience of those in the network.
  • Extending our contact base to the networks of relationships of other acumen7 members.
  • Broadening our understanding of businesses operating in the Construction, Infrastructure, Transport, Energy and Engineering sectors.
  • Allowing us to ‘co-opt’ acumen7 members with specialist skills to support ‘technical’ aspects of our interviewing and assessment process.

All of these benefits allow us to deliver higher quality, more informed and thorough search assignments.

More information about acumen7 and its other members can be found at www.acumen7.com